Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mindblowing Bread!

We finally have our oven in the new Wailliewaillie home, but it remains unconnected for various boring reasons. We've been buying our bread, but it's not like real bread. This weekend I decided that surely there must be a way, made up a batch of basic dough, and bunged it in the slow cooker!

Please excuse the hole in the top of the loaf, I was testing to see whether it was baked inside. After the first rise I kneaded the bread and put it in the well-oiled slow cooker. I turned the slow cooker straight on to high, so the second rise happened while the slow cooker was warming up. I left the bread in until I could clearly see the golden crust forming on the bottom. It was about 2 hours, but all slow cookers are different. I know one of mine runs hotter than the other, so watch your bread if you're having a go.

In a predictable outcome, the (very soft) crust of this bread is on the bottom. It is beautifully baked, not doughy on squidging, and not at all crumbly. I did use conventional yeast, since I do not currently have a starter culture on the go, and I have never made such a beautiful loaf from conventional yeast. The softness of the bread makes it perfect for sandwiches. Husband and I couldn't resist trying it as soon as it came out, and it made a great toastie too! Home cooked ham from the slow cooker, of course.

Sometimes I think my bread might be a little too crusty for the boys, so I think this might be a good option for them, and next time I might try rolls. I'm so pleased that it worked out so well! Have you ever tried this? Will you be giving it a go now? I suppose there's no reason to unless your oven is broken or you are worried about your bread burning...because you might get tied up feeding a baby or something. Do let me know what interesting things you've had in your slow cooker lately!


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