Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Yarn Along

Ah, five minutes' peace at my computer; it's getting to be a rare thing these days! I seem to be so busy and yet not doing anything! I guess that's a mother's lot. Most of my work is made to be undone.

Sausages' Bluejay is coming along beautifully. I am ready to pick up the stitches for the hood. He confirms that we are going ahead with a pompom, which is exciting! When this one is finished there will be a matching one for Bob. I have completed all of the ear pieces for Bob's socks, and the making-up is awaiting another quiet moment. My list of WIPs is getting rather long, and last year I did rather well at finishing some long-term WIPs, so I'm going to make that a "resolution" again this year. Specifically, I would like to finish the two Ysolda Teague shawls that are mostly done and just need finishing. I recall that they were both abandoned when the rows became very long and I couldn't manage to concentrate on them with the little people around. They will have to be after-bedtime knitting!

My book hangover finally hit and I can't settle into anything. I picked the book above up in The Works (discount book and craft store) before Christmas, and am sort of reading it in the car while waiting for the school run or a sleeping toddler. I tried reading Trust Me I'm A Toddler, but it's just opinions I agree with, without reference to any research or anything I don't already know. I'd highly recommend it if you want to know how attachment parents think, but I already do! It's not gripping enough for me right now. I shall be scouring the bookshelves this week looking for something neglected.

Don't forget to pop over to Ginny's to see what others are crafting and reading, and I'll be back at the weekend to share come of my recent bakes with you. They're decorated, so if you like a laugh or a pinterest fail then this is one for you!


Friday, 8 January 2016


It must be because it's January, or because I had so little time to get anything done in December when Bob was poorly, but I have a terrible, terrible case of startitis. I finished The Shepherd's Crown, and in order to avoid the inevitable book hangover from not only a wonderful author, but sadly the last of his Discworld books, I jumped straight into some Yarn Harlot. This was a Christmas gift from one of my sisters.

Then I finished that (in about a day), and in order to avoid that book hangover I jumped straight into A Book For Her, by the VERY funny Bridget Christie. This was a Christmas gift from my other sister. They know me well! If you haven't come across Ms Christie before, she is a pretty straight forward feminist comic. I'm enjoying the book, although Christie writes exactly as she speaks, which is in quite a disjointed way, and I am finding it takes a little getting used to. On the plus side I can hear her voice in my head while I read, thereby providing her comic timing and tone of voice. This happens to other people, right?

You do know what a book hangover is, of course? That buzz and restlessness you get when you finish a really good book. It means that you can't enjoy anything that isn't really good, so if you don't have something good lined up you get really dissatisfied with what you would otherwise be fine with. Annoying! I don't know what I'm reading after this one, but I have a couple of things downloaded, and one or two in print.

I finally managed to take a nice photo of my finished Gilded Flicker, by Jennie Santopietro. Do pop over and check out the exciting MKAL she has going on at the moment. Especially if you are a Dr Who fan! I'm gutted that I'm just too busy at the moment to take it on.

I know this shot is awful, but I really like the low winter sunlight and my corkscrew hazel. Lets pretend it's arty!

A school friend is expecting her first baby and has asked me about cloth nappies, so I am knitting her a wool soaker. It's the small rather than newborn size, but it is just so tiny! Husband insists that babies are not that small. I remind him of Sausages at 5lb 3oz. It's hard to believe!

These socks are from the Mollie Makes Christmas 2015 Magazine, and they were supposed to be a Christmas present for Bob, but in actual fact they didn't get cast on until after Christmas. The basic socks are finished, and there is some detailing to do, but they are waaay too big for his tiny feet, so I have loads of time.

It looks like I haven't got anywhere with Sausages' Bluejay, but it's just rolled in on itself because of the (reverse) stocking stitch and a curly circular needle. Both the yarn and the pattern are knitting up nicely. I find the sizing to come up a bit big (perhaps because it is an american pattern?), so I'm doing the age 4 size for my tall, broad-shouldered five year old. Little Bob is nearly two, but I will probably do the 12 month size for him.

Also finally managed to get an action shot of my first pair of socks! I am very pleased to say that they fit perfectly and Husband loves them! He received a pair of wellies for Christmas from my parents, and has been combining the two on his forays into the garden. I see what the fuss is about sock knitting. I think I have the bug! 

I am strongly resisting casting on the one sleeveless cabled and two full colourwork jumpers I have planned for Husband, or the fair isle hat I got the yarn for for Christmas, but it's taking all my resolve. Ridiculous! Do pop over to the Yarn Along to see what everyone is knitting and reading, if only to add to your own pile of WIPs! I shall try not to cast anything else on for at least a week. We'll see, shall we?!