Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pre-Advent Excitement

A busy week here! The Bun Hat for Husband is finished and looks pretty lush, if I do say so myself. I changed it a little by not reading the pattern and carrying the garter brim for 4 inches rather than 1, but the garter looks rather lush and I'm not bothered. I also added an extra inch to the flap, and just under an inch to the height, because Husband has big hair. He gets sore ears in the cold and wind, and this shape is going to cover his ears beautifully! The yarn is Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit Chunky. It's 100% wool and 100% gorgeous! So soft, and it's going to be so warm. Sausages chose it for Husband quite some time ago, so I might see if I can manage a little bun for him with the leftovers. He has a massive head, so it might not be possible. 

This is only the first piece of Christmas knitting I have managed to finish so far. I think I might be in trouble, since it took me nearly a week to knit one little hat! Time is in short supply with two active boys to run around after. Bob in particular requires ten hands and ten eyes to manage!

I'm still working on what I was reading last week, and I've slipped in a few distractions. In my Christmas box, along with the decorations and wrapping paper bought last January in the sale,  keep a stash of Christmassy craft magazines. This year Husband has treated me to a couple more for the stash, and they both have little decoration kits on the front. I'd love to make these at some point! I love Advent, it's absolutely my favourite time of the year. I love the cold and dark, the preparation for Christmas, the sense of waiting. Last year we spent Advent waiting for Bob, which was rather magical. This year we are starting the prep early, and it's really making our new house feel like Home.

Christmas crafting with Sausages has begun. This week we made snowflakes by gluing sticks together and covering with glue and glitter. I also made a couple of Christmas tree shapes, and they look lovely together, balanced on or fanlights.

Sausages was the self-appointed guardian of the glitter. He measured every speck I used, while pouring entire pots onto his own snowflakes. He's the boss!

Have you started your Christmas and Advent prep yet? Do you have any craft suggestions for Sausages? Pop over to the Yarn Along and Keep Calm Craft On to see what everyone else is working on this week.



  1. Oh glitter, you scare me so! But, I think glitter will be on our list of crafting supplies this holiday season as well :-)

  2. Love glittery projects with children! :) I have some Christmas crafting planned. It sure is coming up quickly! :)

  3. I think Christmas is all about having glitter everywhere, that never sweeps or vacuums up. Glitter makes everything look better!

    1. It's not a proper Christmas if you aren't still finding glitter in secret places in February!