Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Snatching Time

Just a quick post to share what I've been knitting and reading this week with the Yarn Along and Keep Calm Craft On.

The desperate attempt to knit more Christmas gifts than I have time for has begun with this hat for husband, after a fruitless evening recently spend frogging the back of his Christmas jumper. It was supposed to be for last Christmas. Adult sized garments are a bore!

I'm reading the Newman/Pitman Guide to Breastfeeding where I can, and will post a review when I'm finished. It has quite a different layout to other breastfeeding books I have read (probably more than most!), and I'm interested to see how this works throughout the book.

I am keeping the Yarn Harlot in the car for sleeping child situations, but have only just read a couple of pages, because it is so rare that both boys are asleep at the same time. My, this woman is funny! I must pass this on to my mum to read when I'm finished. But she'll have to give it back afterwards! We finished listening to Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom in the car and Sausages has chosen Ngaio Marsh's Opening Act next, which we are enjoying a lot. Mr Fox is Sausages' favourite character, although I don't really know how much he is taking in. He requests it, anyway. I do like the gentle, dated style of Ngaio Marsh's writings, along with the other Queens of Crime: Agatha Christie; Dorothy L Sayers; and Margery Allingham.

What are you reading and crafting this week? I'd love to hear from you! Let me know if you have made the recipes from this week, I know some of you have through personal messages but I'd love to see the evidence!



  1. Love the yarn for that hat - at least your hubby will wear your knitting. I have given up on knitting for mine. And LOVE Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. In fact, in one of her books, she has an essay about who not to knit gifts for - very funny!

  2. Thank you, Sausages actually chose the yarn for Husband, he's such a little yarnie! I also love Stephanie's gift formula, but it's so flattering when people ask for knits, I get sucked in. Husband and Sausages will wear anything I knit. Bob will eat anything I knit, which is not the same...