Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A Very Woolly Wednesday

Definitely joining in with the Yarn Along this week! I finished Go Set A Watchman, and while I enjoyed the writing style, I didn't really find the story too thrilling. I guess it is the product of its circuitous route to publication. The ending felt like a capitulation. Please let me know how you found it if you read it. I have moved on to this, an author recommended my my mother in law. I know I previously mentioned that my mother and I never like the same books, but my mother in law usually makes good recommendations. It's translated from Swedish, which is obvious but not in an annoying way. I hate it when an author's work suffers in translation, it feels insulting to their talent. I've only just started, but the book is giving a really strong sense of location and environment. I think its going to be good!

My Lady Wren cardi from Jennie at A Lovely Homemade Life is finished and blocked. I think test knitting might be one of my favourite things to do! I do so enjoy the process. (Do you like my trousers? They were my first attempt at galaxy dyeing. They are the comfiest thing on earth, even if they do look a little daft!)

It's still too big for me, despite some creative and enthusiastic attempts to "block it smaller." I know. But the yarn is lovely the cardi itself is lovely, and will be a nice layer when the winter comes around. I really liked the fact that this pattern is so simple and yet so interesting. I found three perfect wooden buttons in my stash, so the project cost me nothing at all and brought me a lot of pleasure to knit. Win.

I have cast on a soaker for Bob, who has dropped nappies in the day time altogether (with the usual mixed results), but still wears one at night. Do you like the anchor I have tried to work into the pattern? A sweet little thing for my sweet little thing. I love wool soakers!

I also cast on a shawl to wear with a dress I have chosen for an upcoming family wedding. The dress is white with little pairs of cherries, and I wanted to pick out the green from the stalks, since I am not a big fan of red and don't think it suits me. The yarn is so lovely to work with. It's a wool/bamboo blend, and is going to make a perfect summer shawl. I was planning on whittling down my works-in-progress over this summer, bu I only seem to have added to their ranks! I usually aim for about 4, but my ravelry projects page is currently showing eight. Oops!

While we're discussing all things yarn, I did some dyeing with a friend this week. Each skein is 100g of aran weight. Any suggestions? The pink and yellow is definitely for me! The bottom one is really a mottled lavender.

I'd love to hear what you have been reading and crafting this week, do stop by!