Thursday, 9 May 2013

Yarn along

Joining in with Ginny...

my first ever Milo! In the newborn size. I LOVE it. The yarn was some smooth acrylic that was in a big bag given to me when a craft group I used to go to closed down. It's lovely to touch, and the drape of the garment is lovely. Even the cable looks delish; that single owl! Sometimes relief patterns just don't look right for me, because I put my yarn round the needle backwards (and cannot do otherwise, for some reason!), but I am so pleased with this. It could easily be worn with nothing underneath. Thank you so much to my lovely Kangaroo friend who gave me the pattern. Soon it will be winging its way to New Zealand, where a little baby-on-the way can enjoy it. I don't have any reading for you this week, but for an exciting reason.

 This week my lovely and generous Grandmother-in-Law has sent me her sewing machine! Husband had to scrape me off the ceiling when he turned up with it. I have wanted a sewing machine for a long time, but I am also a bit frightened of them. I haven't used one since school! So I set about trying to find myself a manual. Out of date manuals are often available free online (an awful lot of experience renting houses with ancient boilers/cookers/washing machines has taught me), but I cannot find one for this lovely. She's so beautiful. Grandmother-in-Law told me that she didn't work, and Mother-in-Law had a go and said the same, so I was going to get it serviced, but Husband found himself at a loose end, and took the whole thing apart, put it back together, and hey presto: it works! There are, admittedly, a couple of leftover parts, and a mysterious bolt rattling around inside the casing, but all power to that man's elbow all the same. She definitely needs a name. Any suggestions?

Today is Sausages' last morning with the childminder, and after that he is all mine again. I cannot wait. I am so happy to try to be a better mummy to that shining boy than I was when I was trying to juggle his needs and my thesis, and making myself miserable in the process. To celebrate, I think we will head to the zoo! Because I'm that sort of mum now! Then tomorrow, I'm accompanying his preschool trip to the soft play. Because I'm that sort of mum now! The one who has time to spend with her child, to take an interest in his interests, to stimulate his learning journey. I'm so so happy about it.

I hope you're all having a good week. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the sewing machine!



  1. LOVE your Milo, especially the cabled owl.

  2. She's clearly an M name ... how about Matilda?

    That Milo is so cute :)

  3. Matilda! Perfect! I'm a fan of your's, Annie.