Thursday, 2 May 2013

Extra-Yarny Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny...

Having enjoyed the knitting (if not the writing) in last week's book I thought I'd try another. This is a different author, and I noticed that in my stash of charity shop books I have two of this series. I'm just in the mood for them at the moment: trashy, quick to read, and full of craft. Do you read fiction surrounding your favourite crafts? Or does it just send you running for another project, leaving the book on the side?

The knitting is a quick, simple tie for Sausages. I would like him to wear it to a wedding in ten days, but the chances of compliance are very, very slim!



  1. I enjoyed listening to Jacobs series. I listen to a lot of audio books, especially while knitting. I'm reading(!) Casting Off by Nicole Dickson, I'd recommend it for your book list.

  2. Thank you Leslie! I will have a scout online. I wish there were more UK-based writers of this sort of thing. Maybe I should just write one myself!

  3. Cute tie.
    That book did not hold my interest but did incite more projects.
    Enjoy reading and knitting.

  4. Thanks Mistea. I'm enjoying the instant gratification of these trashy reads after the agony of a badly written serious book, but I think I'm nearly ready for something better!