Sunday, 26 May 2013

Adventures in toddlerdom

This week Sausages has had some lovely adventures. About a year ago, a lovely friend and her children gave us a "Cosy Coupe" ride-in car. Sausages loves this car, and like my friend's son, cannot resist the temptation to put small things through the hole in the side (I'm assuming the hole is for petrol). Yesterday, Sausages decided to push one of his favourite little cars through the hole. Cue floods of tears from my little Cars addict. It was all hands on deck, and Daddy came to the rescue as ever. My hero!

 After a lot of juggling, Filmore was retrieved, along with half of the stones from our previous house, and a chunk of leaf litter. Daddy took steps to make sure he wouldn't have to go through this again.

Fortunately Filmore was none the worse for his adventure, if a little grimy. We also later found out that Flo had had an adventure too, in one of Husband's veg patches.

And what was sausages doing while Husband was working hard to make his little, Cars obsessed life bearable? Was he standing penitent, eyes downcast, hands clasped in anticipation and hope, gushing with gratitude? No. He's two. He was emptying the grass box from Husband's lawn mower all over the lawn. Toddler curiosity is a powerful thing!

Sausages has special names for all of the different sections of the garden. Down the side of the house there is a little lawn with a concrete walkway and beds. It is attached to the house on one side, and the other three sides are almost entirely enclosed by six foot fences, with a small gap of a couple of feet giving access from the main back garden. The only other way you can see this lawn is from Sausages' bedroom window. He calls it his Secret Garden. Today Husband and Father-in-Law built him a little gate with a magnetic fastening, to cover the access from the main garden. Sausages is in seventh heaven! Just like his "very rown room," he has a delightful sense of ownership of this little garden. He has spent the afternoon ushering people in and out of it, and entertaining guests.

I love to see him experiencing pride for the first time. He is so delighted. He wants for nothing, but he is grateful for everything we give him to the same degree, big or small, and there is nothing he has that he is not interested in. I constantly feel the privilege of watching him grow in so many ways, and show his developing personality to the world. It's so lovely to finally spend some time in the garden after all of the hail and cold last week. It's really coming into itself.

My knitting classes have been coming on a storm, and I should have a little more for you on that subject soon, but I have had an extra student this week. Husband has decided that he would like to knit his own Dr Who scarf. He has done his research, and picked the series with what he considers to be the definitive scarf. He has downloaded a colour scheme from Ravelry. And this week, he has learned to slip knot, cast on, and knit. The scarf will be garter stitch, so no need to purl. He's taken to it quite well, but there was quite a lot of swearing to begin with.

To completely bowdlerize, knit, you clever boy! Oh, and here'd this week's hand dyeing for your approval. Lots of pink this week for some reason. Having a wet-room is so convenient for the hand dyeing! The green and yellow is Sausages'. He must be the yarniest toddler going! What have your small people got up to this week?


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