Thursday, 18 April 2013

Yarn Along...and along...and along...

Joining in with Ginny...

Can you see what I'm reading? That's right, it's the same $*@% book I was reading weeks ago. I just can't finish it, because I don't want to read it! This may never end. All the while, there is a lovely shelf full of rubbishy fiction gleaned from our recent charity shop haul watching me from my bedside bookcase. Grrr. I'm definitely going for something light and trashy after this. The knitting is Sylvia Bo Bilvia's Lonely Tree. It's so beautiful, but it takes concentration and must not be knitted when tired! This shawl is a collection of firsts for me: first lacework; first shawl; first thing I have knitted for myself. The yarn is soooo scrumptious and soft. It feels a little bit like knitting with hand-made paper, if that makes any sense at all. There has also been more work on the two pink angel tops, since I ran out of yarn before doing the collars, but I think the ladies at my weekly knitting group have sorted that out for me, and I'll show you how it works out very soon! (Sorry about the light, it has been a bit grey here this week. Can you see the tiny tangle of leftover yarn? Enough for one collar, but not two, and I would so like them to match after all that effort!)

There has also been quite a lot of baking this week. On top of the usual three loaves of bread we have had delicious cheese scones, and a banana and chocolate loaf that I invented as I went along and has been a resounding success with Husband. The cheese scones were very spicy, as quite a lot of mustard powder and cayenne pepper went in, but Sausages absolutely loves them. It's so handy to have something more substantial than just fruit for his afternoon snack. Sometimes we have popcorn, but I read recently that you shouldn't give it to preschoolers because they choking risk is too high. has anyone else heard this?

Hoping you're all having a good week reading, knitting, baking, or whatever you do!



  1. Your knitting looks great! I bet the shawl is going to be gorgeous when it's done. There's been very few books that I haven't been able to finish, but there were some that I just could not make it through. Life's too short to read bad books. :-)

  2. I just love that shawl...and why are you reading that book??? A friend once reminded me that I wouldn't live long enough to read ALL the books, so don't waste time reading books I don't like (unless they are required reading) and go with the stuff that makes you happy. You've just been given permission from 2 different people. Go find a good book!! I have struggled with books that got such great reviews and just didn't do it. Exception being if a friend with similar taste told me to stick with it til a little longer, I've done that and changed my mind.

  3. Oh ladies, I'm just not sure I can give up the rules of a lifetime! I'll tell you what, if I haven't managed to finish it by the time the Yarn Along comes back around I will start something new! Promise!