Thursday, 25 April 2013

Yarn Along

Better late than never? When my camera battery died this week I hunted high and low for the charger, but to no avail. It is not in the house. I cleaned out the car, but it wasn't there either. As a result this week's yarn along comes with a photo taken with the back-up camera, which is a bit sad!

This week's knitting is the finished and blocking lonely tree, which is surely the most beautiful thing I have ever knitted. I learnt several new techniques along the way, but it's for "my very own self," as Sausages would say, and I am very happy! I do know that this is the worst blocking ever, but I lost my pins and had to borrow some from my lovely friend and neighbour, and even using all the safety pins I could muster I only just had enough for all those picot points. The shawl is so far all I have worked out to wear for the wedding of my charming cousin and his charming fiancee on Saturday, so I'm pleased it's finished. Even so, it's going to make for a skimpy outfit, so I'd better choose a frock or something too! I'm going to go along with my traditional practice and take a couple so that my stylish sister Wooodle can make the final choice.

The reading is the as yet unopened Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. Appropriately, this book has been passed around our village knitting group, and now it's my turn. I can tell you absolutely nothing about it! How exciting! The juxtaposition of finished knitting and new book appeals to me today. The reading fell into my lap so I have obediently taken the admonishments of Anke and Karen on board and relegated The Last Office back to the bookcase. I will finish it though; I've changed a lot about my life in the last four months, but that's part of my personality that I can't lay aside!

It just so happens that this weekend's wedding is quite close to the Royal Welsh Showground, where thousands of knitters, spinners, felters and other crafters will be descending for the Wonderwool festival, so Mammar and I are going, armed with my squirreled-away birthday money and the world's yarniest toddler. I'm so excited! What a beautiful weekend I've got coming my way. How about you?



  1. Your lonely tree shawl looks absolutely lovely! You did more repeats of the pattern than it called for, didn't you? It looks so nice and big.

  2. This is beautiful Elizabeth! I think you're right though, you probably need a dress as well ;) xx

  3. Katha, I did the extra "D" chart, but even so had quite a lot of yarn left over. The tension seemed right, so I don't know whether maybe the estimates from the pattern were conservative, or whether the slubbiness of the yarn made it knit up smaller. I got a lot of compliments when I wore it to my cousin's wedding this weekend!