Thursday, 28 May 2015

Who's Not In School?

This week's knitting and reading post features Sausages' first book review!

Sausages received a copy of Who's Not In School to review this week, and he was very excited! We sat down together to have a read and look at the pictures. It's a charming story about a little boy in a home educating family, and all the adventures he has during the week, rather than going to school. Sausages really enjoyed the illustrations, which are very "hand-drawn," but thoughtful, and full of little details that really appealed to his curious nature. He liked that the children in the book did many of the same sorts of activities as him: swimming; museum trips; learning activities at home. For Sausages, home education is pretty normal. Some of his friends go to school, and some don't. All of them learn and have adventures. Children's literature doesn't feature many modern home educating families, and I feel that this book fills a gap there. Not only do home educated children need to see their own experiences portrayed, but school educated children need to see that this alternative exists. I found the writing of the book a little frustrating due to slightly clumsy style, but it didn't bother Sausages.

My reading this week has been these two books by Amanda Blake Soule, AKA Soulemama, about creative family life. I quite enjoyed them, although I didn't feel I got anything new out of them: sometimes it's just good to be reminded of what you already know. The Rhythm of Family has a chapter for each month containing musings, activities, recipes etc. which I rather like. I hope to read the corresponding chapters in the coming months.

The body of Bob's hoodie is finished and the hood is begun. This should be finished very soon. I really like this pattern, it's such a quick little knit, and interesting without being taxing. I swatched for the secret knitting TWICE. That's probably my swatching done for this decade, right? The yarn is very lovely, a blend of cashmere, merino and silk. The fabric is beautiful and so soft!

I'm belatedly submitting to the Yarn Along this week, don't forget to check it out. Do let me know you've been by, it'd be nice to still have some readers after my last post! I promise that I'm done discussing poo funnels!



  1. The book, Who's Not In School, sounds like a fun one. And the hoodie looks nice!

  2. The hoodie looks great, but I missed poo funnels!!