Sunday, 24 May 2015

For Cloth Nappy Users

This post is entirely generated by a conversation I had with some other cloth nappy users this week about how to use a prefold (a flat, quilted cloth) to prevent poo leakage. You can find out more about cloth nappies HERE. If you're not a cloth nappy user, come back on Wednesday to see the fantastic amount of crafty stuff I'm getting up to in half term! If you are, behold: the poo funnel!

Fold the end of the prefold up a couple of inches, across the quilted lines. This creates a pad at the front of the nappy making it thicker than the back. This is especially helpful if you have little boys!

Fold the two outside thirds in to cover the middle third.

When you fold in the second outside third tuck it inside the pocket created by the fold across the quilted lines in the first outside third. This holds the folded end together so that it doesn't just fall apart.

Open the untucked end of the nappy to create a wide, thin back and a narrow, thick back to your nappy. Do you see how there is almost a cone shape? This keeps the poo inside the prefold and prevents it from leaking into the wrap or soaker.

When I put this into a night time nappy I add an extra booster by placing a smaller prefold or booster pad inside the centre third of the prefold before folding. I generally leave this above the first fold, because otherwise it won't tuck together so well.

I hope this is useful! Wishing you all a leak-proof parenting journey!


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