Thursday, 26 September 2013

Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny, here's what I'm reading and knitting this week!

Chouette is finally finished, and awaiting a pepping-up block before it pops off to its intended recipient. This is the biggest size, but still knitted comfortably on my "hat needle," so it's a convenient little project (when you don't have a yarn aversion!)

The red leaves I am knitting will hopefully be part of a selection I want to put together to make an autumnal display with Sausages. They're a bit cute, if you excuse the loose ends and desperate need for blocking. I have a couple of different leaf patterns, and will be looking for an acorn or similar. We've really enjoyed stomping in the leaves recently, especially on our walk with Mammar at Wandlebury Woods. This is a great day out, lots of lovely space to walk around, £2.50 parking for the day, and the odd charming resident...

Reading wise I am just coming to the end of Anchee Min's Katherine, the story of an american woman's time living in China. I can't bring the dates to mind, but it's basically an exploration of the harsh reality of post-Mao China and the naivete of the Western incomer. It's not terribly deep, but it will do me for now!

I've been chatting this week with my lovely Kangaroo Mummy friends about how we live frugally, so I thing a serious frugal post is due this week, but right now we have to go to big boy swimming lessons (Mummy sits on the side, doncha know!), so I'll be back soon to talk with you about my beloved slow cooker, and other domestic economies!


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  1. Love the leaves! That will be a great addition for a display. Coming from Yarn Along!