Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yarn Along with Ginny

Joining in with Ginny and her friends!

It's been a busy week in the Bungalow. Husband and Sausages have the same birthday, so that involves an annual extravaganza of cards, presents and cake, as well as visits from friends and family. I always suggest a BBQ, and Husband always overrules me. This year they both had some friends over, but sadly I am still too sicky to do a proper party tea, and they had to make do with everything bought in. Except cakes. When I was giving birth to Sausages (actually when I was pushing, since we had been assured that his premature birth could be prevented and had believed it until right at the end, when it became apparent that this wasn't going to be the case!) Husband made me promise that there would always be separate birthday cakes. Apparently sharing your birthday is one thing, but sharing your birthday cake is quite another! I seem not to have taken a photo of Sausages' cake, but here is a little peek of Husband's:

Can you guess? Yes, it's the ever-popular chocolate Guinness cake. I did the harp myself. I'm pretty chuffed. Thanks to the fabulous help of The Outlaws and my sisters the boys had a lovely day and there was plenty of food. Sausages received lots of lovely presents, including a Lightning McQueen scooter Husband picked up on Freecycle. Here he is learning to use it with Grandad:

There has finally been a bit more knitting for me! Yay! The rainbow on the left is the first thing I am knitting for the new baby (Madge), and on the right is the Explorer's Vest I started eons ago. I'd love to finish it soon for Sausages, but just taking the knitting one day at a time at the moment. The Craft-A-Day was a birthday present for Sausages from Auntie Wooodle, and contains a project for every day of the year, with weekly themes. It's a bit repetitive, but sometimes you do just need something to get you started, and all of the projects are charming.

The Handbuilt Home comes from the authors of this blog, which Husband and I have been admiring. It is full of lovely projects, and I've put in my requests! A lot of Husband's other presents were DIY related, so I have high hopes. First on my wishlist? Shelving in the boiler room/airing cupboard. Storage in the Bungalow is a nightmare! I have no idea where we will find space for a whole extra person's stuff!

This last book is what I'm seriously reading at the moment. David Attenborough is one of my favourite people ever. People I know refer to him as "my David." Sausages has started at a new preschool in a nearby town, and since the sessions are short I am so far just hanging out in that town while he is there, curling up in an armchair in a coffee shop with My David. Bliss! I'll leave you with a little treat for anyone who's ever lived with small children or been to my house; the instructions on the side of one of Sausages' jigsaws, that caught my eye while we were playing trains this morning. Have you seen it yet?

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