Monday, 4 March 2013

Dyeing Yarn

This week Sausages and I had some good adventures in yarn. The biggest was to dye our own yarn. We took a trip to the Craft Basket for pure wool yarn. I unwound it and soaked it in water with a little vinegar, squeezed it out, plonked it in a tub, and we were ready to go. We painted the wool with watered-down food colouring, then microwaved it to heat-set the colour. This is a top-quality toddler activity, especially for one who loves yarn! He thought his day was great when we went to the LYS; imagine his delight when he got to make his "very rown yarn!" In true toddler style we used all the colours we had, so the yarn is an interesting mix of yellow, blue, red, green and undyed cream. The messiness of it is part of the joy of toddlers! He has been showing it off (as have I) to anyone who stands still for long enough. I can't wait to knit it into something he can point to and say "that's my very rown yarn!"

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