Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Birthday Pledge

I'm very late with my Sunday post, but in my defence it was my birthday on Sunday, and I was very busy. On Saturday Husband and Sausages shut themselves in the kitchen for hours at a time. Then, on Sunday morning after nukkie-o'clocky they disappeared again and returned with...

...home made hot cross buns! They had spent the whole of the previous day making them! They are enormous, and there are enough for me to have one for breakfast every day this week! Bliss. I sat in bed drinking tea and eating my buns, watching the snow in the garden out of the window. Being able to see the garden from my bed is one of the advantages of the Bungalow that I am beginning to appreciate, now that I'm getting over the initial weirdness. I spent a lovely day playing with Sausages while Husband made unending cups of tea:

The boys iced a birthday cake and made a bus:

Can we eat it yet, daddy?

and some gannets came for dinner.

It was the best birthday ever. And it's not over yet, because the village knitting group are having a birthday meal for me on Wednesday. 

As you can see, I got rather a lot of lovely presents. The knitted hat is from Mother in Law. I have worn it every time I have left the house since I opened it! She also made the cake and left it with Husband when she was visiting last week. I defy anyone to have a better Mother in Law. The Debbie Bliss and Bergere de France yarn are from Husband. You have to be impressed when a man who doesn't know his angora from his alpaca girds his loins and orders yarn online. He has even specified what he wants me to make with it (a shawl for me and hand dyed socks, in case you're wondering).

These lovely presents lead me to my birthday pledge: I am going to stash bust. When we moved to the Bungalow Husband created a craft corner for me in the study/spare bedroom. I love my craft corner A LOT. But my stash, which was originally contained in a wooden chest approximately 18" cubed, has spread across two bookcases, under my desk, and on top of the wooden chest. I have patterns in mind for most of this yarn, but my biggest problem is that I fall out of love with patterns and in love with yarn very easily. My plan is to knit through as much of my stash as I can between now and the beginning of the boys' summer holiday.

There is one caveat, however. As part of our birthday celebrations, and because it's just around the corner from my cousin's wedding, Little Muv and I are planning on going to Wonderwool. My village knitting group friend Queen of Crochet is going for the whole weekend. The Outlaws have given me some pennies to spend on knitting. In the face of all of this encouragement, there is no way I will be able to resist adding to my stash on our Welsh weekend.

Have you ever done a serious stash bust? How did you do? Hope you have a lovely week.


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  1. I kept track of my yarn usage last year (2012) by yardage. Some months were more productive than others and I did allow myself some "cheats" (but very few). I'm largely working from stash again this year, but I haven't really been keeping track. I've been rediscovering things I bought long ago and trying to find new things to knit.