Monday, 23 July 2018

Growing Up Pregnant

This week I have been reading something a bit different: Growing Up Pregnant, by Deirdre Curley.

This book is an account of Ms Curley's experience of unplanned pregnancy at eighteen, and her journey into motherhood and adulthood simultaneously. At a time when birth culture is endeavoring to be more representative, it's good to hear the voice of young mothers.

The book alternates between Deirdre's own account and some factual information about pregnancy. I found the information to be very selective and sometimes dubious, and I think it could be entirely cut out of the book, because it is in the autobiographical sections that the book's value lies. If I were gifting this book, I would also give something more informative, such as The Positive Birth Book, alongside it. Ms Curley is not afraid to tell her own embarrassing experiences and to be honest about her own feelings. She benefited from very supportive family on both sides, and a secure financial situation, which I know is not the case for many teenage parents, but it is always beneficial to hear the experience of someone who has come out the other side of your situation, and I think many people going through unplanned pregnancy could benefit from this book. In particular, Deirdre's frank discussion of relationships, and adjusting mentally to your changing body, are open and reassuring.

I am keen to regift this book somewhere young mothers can read it, so if you can make this happen please do get in touch and I will send it to you.

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