Friday, 24 February 2017

Robots and Gadgets

Recently Sausages was sent his very own book to review, so here is his very own book review!

"I liked this book very much. I liked all the different activities and the stickers. I liked designing my own robots the best."

The book contains a wide range of activities including sticker pages, puzzles, colouring and drawing, and creative challenges. It was really well suited to Sausages, who is a methodical, cognitive sort of chap. The age range is 5-8. Sausages is 6 and a good reader. All of the reading and activities were nicely within his capabilities and he needed no input from me, although we did have lots of good chats about the interesting problems set within the book.

Because of the variation of activities in this book I think it would be great for travel entertainment. So often I pick up a magazine or colouring book to entertain the boys on a plane or ferry, only to find there isn't really enough there to hold their attention. I see online that there are quite a few books in this Factivity series, so I'll probably order a couple for the trips we have lined up for this year. This one on coding particularly appeals to me.

The explanations and factual writing are good for developing comprehension skills. They prompted a lot of discussions and clearly gave Sausages plenty to think about.

The stickers and drawing problems offer opportunities to support fine motor control.

What Sausages does Bob must also do, of course! But this book was a long way above his level! I'd love to hear your suggestions for similar quality activity books for this age group, our clever boy needs us to step up a level!


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