Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Quiet Moment

Shh! Bob is asleep next to me, worn out from his swimming lesson and eating an enormous lunch. I have knitting, coffee, chocolate and my laptop, and a few moments to connect with myself and the outside world before he wakes up and I dive back into our busy, crazy playtimes together. Sausages has started to do a few full days at school, and Bob and I are indulging our own little romance. Yesterday we spent a happy hour assembling and disassembling a four piece jigsaw of an elephant!

This little top for him is coming on quickly, although it has not been my priority project. I had to switch down needles to get gauge, and the fabric is dense, but I like it more and more as I knit it up. I'm looking forward to getting it on him!

This has been my priority project. It's the Gilded Flicker shawl, released yesterday. It's a pleasant knit, and I love the patterning and yarn, but I think I may be a bit too tired at the moment to knit lace. I keep making silly mistakes and having to rip back and reknit. Which is making me angry! It's going to be delightful when finished though, so I will persist.

I have just about finished Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves. The biggest thing I have taken from this book is the prompt to stop before responding to a tantrum, put my own immediate frustrations to one side in order to deal with my children in the way I really want to. It has also raised a few issues for me regarding my own upbringing, and I hope this will help me to understand myself and raise my children to be free from my foibles. I'm thrilled to be reading Why Perinatal Depression Matters next, a subject close to my heart.

Pop over to Ginny's Yarn Along too see what everyone else is reading and writing. It's a great place to discover new books and projects!

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