Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My laptop is down this week, so I am blogging from Husband's desktop. This is quite exciting, since I don't usually get out of bed after getting the boys to sleep. Tonight Bob has gone straight to sleep, and Husband and Sausages are chatting in the dark. I feel a little bit giddy!

I'm still working on Sausages' hat, which is about half done, but I am also working on this cute test knit above (for Jennie, since you ask). It's a long, shallow, scoop-shaped shawl or scarf, knit with 4ply in a garter stitch based lace pattern. I love the lattice, don't you? There are an awful lot of charts for this pattern because of the shaping. so I'm glad we have half term coming up to give me a bit of knitting time!

I'm also still reading Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, but it's slow going because it actually requires my attention. I popped into the library to return my audiobook this morning and they had a big display of creative Christmas books in the window. I took two! The librarian did assure me that they had others to put in their place. When taking them down I held some tinsel. It's started, guys! None of the projects in Mollie Makes Christmas tickled my fancy, but the Kirstie Allsop one is a lot more detailed. It starts with a countdown to Christmas preparation that starts in October. Suffice to say I am waaaay ahead of her! There are quite a few gifts, both bought and handmade, tucked into crannies in my study to keep them away from curious little eyes.

I also chose a new audiobook thingy for in the car. I started it today in the regular post-swimming lesson traffic, and I'm enjoying it. I also picked up this flyer below, from the self-service machines in the library. There are a couple of authors I like listed, so lots of new things to try, should I ever be at a loose end for something to read. Hahaha! With a big pile of fiction and non-fiction always waiting to be read, that may never happen. A girl can dream!

What are you crafting and reading at the moment? Are you deep into Christmas prep or does the mention of the word this early make you grind your teeth? Don't forget to pop over to Ginny's to check out what other crafters are up to!



  1. I love the test knit! It's really beautiful

  2. What a pretty test knit! I need to get back to audiobooks in the car...lately it has been Toddler Radio on Pandora. Oh my.

    Cheers! Andrea @ This Knitted Life