Thursday, 5 March 2015

Happy World Book Day!

In the spirit of World Book Day, Husband has gone to work dressed as Tintin (complete with cuddly toy Snowy), and Sausages has declared the rest of us to be the three musketeers. Bob and I have swords, and Sausages is wielding a toy drill that makes a noise and rotates. We can fight the evil Cardinal AND do DIY. Perfect!

Sausages got a parcel full of books this morning (thank you insomnia shopping. No, I hadn't planned that it would arrive on World Book Day. That's just fate giving me a hand). This one is his favourite so far. The style reminds me a lot of Dr Seuss.

I'm still reading Breast Intentions. It's a hard read. The chapters have depressing titles such as "Deception" and "Guilt," and the writing style is aggressive and informal. At the same time, I recognise the truth of the content, and appreciate the clear explanations of behaviour that has often perplexed me. As a breastfeeder, artificially feeding mothers often give me unsolicited explanations of their feeding experience. Often I know that these are bunkum, but I rarely ever call mothers out on them. I want t be supportive of women, not judgemental. This book has shed a lot of light on there revelations for me, but it is judgemental, and holds to a very negative concept of human nature. I think the judgements made are correct, but it's unusual to be so unapologetically factual about it, and it's pushing me outside my comfort zone. I'm happy for that to happen. Heavy stuff.

My Follow Your Arrow 2 was clearly not going to be finished in time for the wedding I wanted to wear it to this weekend, so it has been paused in favour of an Old Shale, which is knitted in aran weight yarn on 6mm needles, and is the perfect antidote. It's totally not this colour, more a dusky, greyish mauve. There is a lot of pink and blue in it. The yarn is a cheap 20% wool blend from the stash, and something I was saving to knit something for myself. It's surprisingly nice to work with, and the lace is coming out beautifully. A lot of people suggested I knit dishcloths to balance out the fiddly shawl, so I did knit one, but Bob ran off with it. He's a scamp! He's currently having an unexpected nap on my lap. He lives life at a million miles per hour, but he needs a lot of mummy cuddles to fuel it. I'm so happy to be able to give them to him.

Don't forget to pop over to Ginny's Yarn Along to see what everyone else is reading and crafting this week. I'm a bit late linking up because yesterday was my Mum's birthday and we had an impromptu day out at the farm with her and my youngest sister. It was absolutely glorious! Have a lovely week

E x