Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Limbo Continued!

Well, we are still living between Husband's parents' house (near the area we are moving to) and my parents' house (where there is a bit more space). Our belongings are in both of these locations: piled up in garages; secreted under beds; stuffed behind sofas. At my parents' house there is now a room completely packed with mattresses, duvets, empty bookcases, bed frames and boxes of shoes. It's not all our stuff, but it mostly is! Our poor families are being so sweet and kind, but they'll breathe a big sigh when we are out of their hair! My sister likes things to be very ordered. It's hard for her when meals look like this:

That's a car made out of cucumber, obviously. Other top meals recently have included Husband's attempt to turn his pasta-making skills on gluten-free flour (awesome):

And this one at the Playground at Cliveden. They have a wonderful new playground constructed in wood along literary lines. My favourite feature has to be the rowing boat containing a carved ratty and mole.

Sausages made us this tea party of pinecones and bark to share with Winnie the Pooh. Bob loved it!

I have finished the first clue of my Follow Your Arrow. It looks gorgeous, and is so enjoyable to knit. I plan to take a photo at the end of each clue. Before I start the second clue I'm running up a little present for an exciting new person in our family, who I'm very excited to be meeting soon! Aviatrix has definitely become my favourite baby pattern, I hope his very creative parents like it.

The boys and I got a little present in the post this week; a copy of How You Were Born to review. The illustrations are so lovely, I'm going to give it it's own post after this one, so do pop back!

I hope you've had a lovely week, and if you're in the UK you've been safe in the bad weather. Don't forget to check out the other crafters and readers over at Ginny's!



  1. Oh I hope you find your new home soon. My house is a storage place this summer. We squeezed in my son's stuff in May and my daughter is here for a month during her transition move. Luckily she just has clothes but oh my so many!!!