Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A busy, busy week

I'm joining the Yarn Along this week, but since my knitting and reading is pretty much in the same place it was last time I linked up, I've got a couple of other things for you to look at! My photos are a bit sad at the moment because I've left the camera charger at my parents' house, so the camera on my tablet is valiantly standing in.

Little Bob has an infected cut on his sucking thumb, so to stop him eating the antibiotic cream I ran up a pair of mittens in the left-over hand dye from his everyday Aviatrix. I always seem to be knitting mittens in a hurry. This is my own basic mitten recipe, and I usually do twice as much ribbing and double it over, but I was playing yarn chicken and left it out. In fact I had about 30cm (1') of yarn left at the end. Of course, they don't stay on. 'Twas ever thus!

While I am plodding on with Police at the Funeral, I got distracted on our weekly trip to the library for rhymetime, and bought a "bag of books for £2" from their shelf of older books for sale. A couple of classics, some celebrated modern fiction, and a book about sewing. I'm really hoping to pick up some tips from the sewing book. I have been given a pair of jeans that need taking up, and I'm hoping to make them a bit more interesting at the same time. The enthusiasm of the author is infectious! Given my current reading speed, this little stash should last me until September...

The boys and I have had a busy day today. We've been to outdoor playgroup and worn ourselves out. The fabulous leader encouraged us all to make caterpillars out of green roving. I felted ours to make it a bit more solid, but left the "feelers" fluffy. I think it's going to be a moth rather than a butterfly. Incidentally, it is impossible to actually get a three year old to sit still for a photo.

While Bob had his snooze Sausages and I read all of the library books he chose yesterday, and had an afternoon tea of grilled Haloumi. It was the first time Sausages had tried it, and I didn't warn him about the squeak. Th look on his face was priceless!

This weekend we're off to the Belly to Baby Show in Cambridge to see what's going on. I know there will be plenty of interesting exhibitors and like-minded families, so it's well worth a trip if you're in the area.

What's going on in your reading and crafting life this week? And please tell me, what is your favourite "amusing food?"

Have a good week,



  1. What a beautiful baby, I've admired the aviatrix but have never knit one. So sorry about the mitts, it does seem to happen to me too at times. When we were in Ecuador they served a white cheese that squeaked on our teeth too. Fun memories. Visiting from yarn along.

    1. Thank you! The Aviatrix is now my go-to baby hat pattern, and it's very pretty for such a quick knit.

  2. He looks blissfully happy in his little hat.