Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Holy Week Yarn Along

Just a quick link up with Ginny and Tami this week, while we spend time with my family. I've nearly finished the Aviatrix for Bob's Christening, so at least I should achieve that. I'm moderately hopeful about managing a pair of shoes to match.

I've held out against Cashmerino patterns for a while, but Bob's Godmother gave me the Debbie Bliss book, so it felt appropriate to knit something from it for his celebration. It knits to almost, but not quite, sport weight gauge, so really it's a difficult one for substituting. I'm knitting a sport weight hat size that should come up a little bit big on Bob, but it should come up a nice fit because of the slight difference in gauge. I find the pretty splitty, and my stitches don't look very even, but that might be attributable to new-baby sleep deprivation. One of the marketing points of the yarn is its washability and durability, and as a consequence its suitability for baby and toddler clothing. I'll just have to wait and see on that one!

Bob is not sleeping terribly well, and so I don't have the concentration for reading, but Husband and I have just watched the BBC three part Johnny Worricker series. I have to say, it was quite an achievement to find the time when we were both awake and the children were asleep, but we did it! We enjoyed the series, and it has an impressive cast, but the ending was a bit weak. Ho hum. I think I was sort of expecting something a bit more Le Carre. For now I'm just knitting and admiring the view.

That's not me, it's my lovely knitting company, sweetly knitting this for Bob. He has grown out of his jumpers. He laughs in the face of growth charts, just like his big brother. It's all that full-cream nutrition. Zzzz.

I hope you're having a good Holy Week, whether religious or not. It's such a special time for Christians and Jews (happy pesach!), and a lovely time of year for a little break for everyone, regardless. I'm looking forward to spending time with my parents and siblings, how about you? What are you crafting and reading? Any Easter projects out there?



  1. I love the Aviatrix hat pattern although I've never got round to knitting it. Not sure if I could persuade my 3 year old to wear one now, she has strong views on hats lol.

    Enjoy your knitting :)

  2. It's great, isn't it? Not sure I could persuade my three year old either, he prefers to wear a sheep one with ears at the moment!