Thursday, 6 February 2014

Knitting, Reading, and Listening

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along this week in an aspirational way. There has been very little knitting this week, and what there has been has looked like this:


I'm still pretty awkward knitting over a sleeping baby. My arms just don't seem to be long enough! The baby gown looks like this:

I suspect it may be too small already. I finished Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman, and really enjoyed most of it. It'd be a great book for young girls just beginning their feminist awareness, and I think should be handed out in high schools to young men and women working out how they fit in to the world, and it's very funny. Unfortunately Ms Moran used ipso facto where if she really felt she needed to use latin she should have said ergo, and I'm pedant enough for that to take the shine off for me, but I'd totally recommend it, and may well read it again.

I've started reading Somerville and Ross' Through Connemara in a Governess Cart, which is something I've wanted to read since I first started reading Tim Robinson's Connemara series. It's a work heavily influenced by context, which is really interesting in itself. I'm only a couple of pages in, so more on that soon. The Audiobook CDs are from a recent trip to a bargain book store, and I'm enjoying them in the car when ferrying the boys around. Margery Allingham is a classic mystery writer, not as good as Agatha Christie, although of the same era. I'd describe her as more like Ngaio Marsh, but avoiding that lady's bizarre racism by pretending that everyone is white and that members of lower socioeconomic groups have neither personalities or emotions. Ho hum! I just like the mystery side, so muscle past the weird settings and my own social conscience reflex.

What are you crafting or reading this week? I hope you're making better progress than me!


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