Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sneaking in the Joy

Joining in with Ginny again this week, but I don't have much reading or knitting to show you! I've reached a point where everything I'm knitting is a Christmas present, and since Husband and Sausages have continued to be poorly and need looking after, there hasn't been much time for knitting or reading (or anything else for that matter!). Husband suggested that since I can't show you the lovely Christmas present I have just finished, I show you his ongoing Doctor Who scarf instead, so here it is:

It's now about 7' long, so just over half way. His tension is lovely and regular after all those hundreds of rows of garter stitch! I'm still reading Diaper Free, and still enjoying it, but due to the crazy nature of my time at the moment I've been leaning more towards Christmassy magazines, so I can snatch a moment to fantasise about all the Christmassy things I am just not going to get done this year. Here's a little snatched moment from this week:

A cheeky festive indulgence, complete with cup of tea and Aldi leibkuchen, beautifully decorated with pink glaze and sprinkles. Perfect. As you can see, this moment of peace was sponsored by Sausages' box of crayons. He was colouring in one of his three advent calendars:

This is a fabulous free download from (link not currently working but I'll fix that as soon as possible. In the mean time it's on my pinterest), that I printed on A3 and washi-taped to some foam presentation boards that Bapar found doing nothing in his study. It looks ace, and makes the paper quite sturdy! The bit Sausages likes the most is getting to use "stick glue" rather than "gloopy glue" on each circle. The idea is that on Christmas Eve Father Christmas will have a full beard and be ready to whiz around the world doing his festive best!

Sausages and I have started to move further into festive mode, unsupervised by poorly husband. We've replaced the autumnal decorations around the hall mirror with some battery powered lights, although I think a little something more might be needed here! Due to the nature of Bungalow living, my three-basket laundry system lives under this mirror, as well as a handy shelf. I live in hope that decorating the mirror and putting something pretty on the shelf distracts visitors from the laundry! Soon there will be hyacinths on the shelf, but they are still hibernating.

We're enjoying the big box of advent and Christmas books, collected as and when in charity shops. This is not the complete collection, since I notice that a few have snuck their way into Sausages' everyday library, especially the nativity themed ones. We really enjoy these books. Sausages' current favourites are Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present by John Burningham, and The Christmas Bear, by Axel Scheffler (the illustrator behind The Gruffalo and several other collaborations with the fabulous Julia Donaldson). There is something very delicious about curling up on the sofa with a book about Christmas with a small child who thinks he might be looking forward to it, but can't quite remember enough of last year to really know what's coming!

I'll have some more crafting pictures and ideas for you this week hopefully, but here are some better pictures of Sausages' snow shakers:

I picked up a "jar of Christmas craft activities" in a charity shop recently, and Sausages requested that we have a go at it this morning instead of the outdoor playgroup we have started attending in local woods recently. I'm starting to struggle climbing up the steep sides of the iron age ring ditch, so I couldn't really argue, and we settled down to do some deliciously messy sticking!

Husband is playing with his early Christmas present in the background, shhh!

 Not bad eh? I'm so glad Sausages has got back into crafts recently. I think we're going to have a very lovely and well-decorated winter! What Christmas crafts have you got going on? Are you busily making lovely unique Christmas presents, or are you one of those ruthless crafters who has liberated themselves from the annual torture of giving something you have put hours of love and care into to someone who doesn't really appreciate it? Or, like me, do you simply not have the time?

Wishing you all a happy and holy advent



  1. You paint the picture of such a perfect family life. xx

  2. Ha, you know it's not so perfect! But it's nice to appreciate the things that we love.