Friday, 16 August 2013

New Challenges

I have been a bit quiet for the last few months. I just had a look at my previous post, and was a bit surprised to find that it was from all the way back in June! It's been a tough time in the Wailliewaillie household, because I have had awful morning sickness, and poor Husband has had to step into the breach and look after us all in every way. He is wonderful, but he is tired and frustrated with the situation. Sausages is VERY excited that "his baby" will be joining us in the Bungalow sometime in the bleak midwinter. He has chosen some clothes and things for it, and is rather proprietorial. I hope this bodes well for their future sibling relationship!

Morning sickness is a funny old thing. When I was carrying Sausages, I was sick all day every day from eight weeks to thirty weeks. Then he was born at thirty three weeks. It was not the most graceful pregnancy ever; I used to carry a bucket around with me, and a couple of times ended up on a drip for hydration. This time around it does not seem to be so bad, but with Sausages in tow much more difficult to handle. I cannot go into the kitchen or laundry room of the Bungalow, and have to have all windows and doors open at all times. There has been no baking or cooking for me for the last few months. But there is a much more serious problem: yarn makes me feel ill.

That's right, fellow crafters. There has been no knitting whatsoever. Baby patterns have been downloaded and unearthed, but I cannot step into the study where the yarn resides, and I certainly cannot pick it up, without having to make an urgent detour to the bathroom. I have been cooing over Nikki Van De Car's delightful book of baby knits, which was a Christmas present from Husband, but I cannot bring myself to start a project. Chouette and Sausages' Explorer's vest are sitting forlornly abandoned. I am not studying. I am not cooking or baking. I am not knitting. I am not myself.

On the other hand, a new life is making its way into the world through me. I have seen it dance across a screen in black and white. I have heard it's heartbeat, and seen Sausages' face light up as he exclaims "that's my baby! It sounds like a horsey!" Every day I feel it kicking and writhing in its cosy home. Husband and I have waited a long time to feel ready for this, to look back at the trauma of Sausages' prematurity and my post-natal depression and say, "OK, lets do it all again!" So while I hope to be back to my old pursuits soon, there is a rich reward coming for this difficult time.

We have decided to make the most of this summer for Sausages, and give him a Summer of Fun while he still has our undivided attention. This is where a teacher's five or so weeks of holiday come into their own! Here are some of the highlights so far:

A fabulous time in Ireland with my family

A brilliant visit to the Butterfly House at Cumberland House (OK, I confess, I love this so much that we have been twice!). This is a free day out, and the museum houses interesting stuffed birds and a large model of a dinosaur, so top toddler entertainment!

Paddling at Southsea

A trip to Marwell Zoo with our very own expert guide

And an awful lot of play with some of his favourite people! He's a happy boy, and I'll bring you some more of his adventures very soon! This isn't a very interesting post for anyone except me, but I hope it explains my radio silence for anyone who might have been wondering where I had gone. Did anyone else out there develop any weird pregnancy aversions? And what would you squeeze in to a summer of fun on a budget?

Happy summer days to you all


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